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The Girls

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Liver Transplant Recipient, Jeannie Paslawsky

Guest, Jeannie Paslawsky talks about her journey to find a liver transplant recipient.

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Moran Funeral Home

“The Girls” are on location at the Joseph A. Moran Funeral Home speaking with Joseph Moran and Melissa Moran-Berlitz. They discuss the history of the funeral home and what preparations you should make.  

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Pinball Museum

“The Girls” visit the Pinball Museum in Pottsville, PA and talk with “Bingo Butch” Glauda.    

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Gardening Tips from Smith Floral Co.

Jennifer Barnasevitch, owner of Smith Floral Co. gives us some tips to make our flowers and plants last longer.  

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Dylan Yurista

“The Girls” talk with Dylan Yurista about his weight loss journey where he lost over 160lbs.  

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Author, Suzanne Baltsar

Published Author, Suzanne Baltsar talks about her new book, “Hating Mr. Perfect.”  

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Guest Update: Model & Actress Mara Galbiati

“The Girls” catch up with model & actress, Mara Galbiati about what she has been up to since she was on the show last time.  

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Health & Beauty influencer, Gina Dinko

“The Girls” talks with local health & beauty influencer, Gina Dinko.  

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Poet, Alisa Gillenardo

“The Girls” talks with Published Poet, Alisa Gillenardo about her new book, “My Heart on Paper,” a poetry collection.  

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Author, Marisa Burke

Author & Former WNEP News Anchor, Marisa Burke, talks about her book, “Just Checking Scores.”  

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