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Large Knee Resurfacing

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Tom Meade of Meade Orthopedics at Coordinated Health in Allentown, PA does a resurfacing of a knee on a patient that is overweight.


Mea’s Restaurant

All Around The Town at Mea’s in Hazleton, PA


May 2011 Primary Election

Jeannine Mazurkiwecz sitting in for Rick Morelli, Dr. Dave Sosar, and Tom Marnell sitting in for Mike DeCosmo sit down with Leonard Piazza Luz. County Director of Elections to discuss the upcoming primary elections.


March 2011

Dr. Benyo is joined by his son Phil Benyo Jr. M.P.A.S., PA-C and together the Go over the Lastest Medical Headlines, Myths, and Tips to help the viewers stay in better health.

Be Merciful Oh Lord, for we have sinned

Be Merciful Oh Lord, for we have sinned

A weekly mass is recorded for those who prefer to worship in the privacy of their own home. Each week the mass is held at a different church and hosted by a different Priest, Minister, Preacher, etc…


The LASIK Experience

Dr. Thomas Kislan sits down with Kristen Buczynski from News 13, whom recently had Laser eye surgery, to discuss the before, during, and after, of her procedure.



Jeannine and Dr. Scleicher dicuss his new practice and the skin condition known as Rosacea.


Healthy Vegetarian Meals

Debbie Lesante and Dr. Joe Bafile with special guest Drew Wandishin show the viewers how to make some great vegetarian dishes.


Luzerne County Youth Aid Panel

Sam talks with Luz. Co. PA District Atty. Jackie Musto Carroll and 1st Asst. Luzerne county D. A. about the Luzerne county Youth Aid Panel.


Ultra Clean Fuels

Sam Talks with Congressman Lou Barletta, Senator John Yudichak, and John President of WMPI PTY., LLC about how we can reduce our dependancy on foreign oil.

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