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New technology for hearing

  Nevin Balliet, Board Certified in hearing instruments services, from Northeast Hearing Solutions shows us some of the new technology in hearing solutions.


Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021

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“Schuylkill County Chamber Report” COVID & Restaurants

Carmelo Valenti, owner of Roman Delight, talks about the effects of the pandemic on his business and what he did to overcome it.  

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Skin conditions caused by COVID & vaccines

Dermatologist, Stephen Schliecher, MD discusses some of the skin issues related to COVID19 and the vaccines.  

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COVID Protocol & Insurance when buying/selling a home

Real Estate Agent, Broker and Owner of Aggressive Realty, Ken Temborski discusses the COVID protocols and talks with Don Elko, president of Covenant Abstract about what they are all about.  

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Laura Dennis for Luzerne County Judge

Sam talks with Laura Dennis, candidate for Luzerne County Judge.

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Bob Yevak: Write-In Candidate for Hazleton City Council

Sam talks with Bob Yevak, write-in candidate for Hazleton City Council.  

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Brian Nester, Pres. & CEO – Lehigh Valley Health Network

Pres. & CEO of Lehigh Valley Health Network, Brian Nester and President of LVH – Hazleton, John Fletcher talk about the pandemic and the strategies they put in place.  

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Cancer Survivor, Jill Moratto

“The Girls” get an update on how cancer survivor, Jill Morratto is doing as she spends her time in Hawaii.  


Palm Sunday, March 28, 2021

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