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Schuylkill Chamber Membership

Host, Jeannine Lesante Mazurkiwecz talks with Bob Carl, Jr. – President & CEO of the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce and Monica Walborn – Executive Vice President, and Susan Williams – Member Engagement Director about what the chamber is all about and how in can help local businesses.


PSU Hazleton

Host, Lisa Schugardt talks with Dr. Gary Lawler, Chancellor, Penn State Hazleton, Gordon L. Bigelow , Esquire – Incoming President, Penn State Hazleton Council and John Meier – President, Penn State Hazleton Council Co-Chair, Community Day about the history of Penn State Hazleton, the renovations taking place and the Community Day that is coming up.


We Are Hazleton

Host Lisa Schugardt speaks with members of the “We Are Hazleton” group (Hazleton Police Support) at their fundraiser at The Pines in the Hayden Towers.


Holiday 2015

Host Lisa Schugardt talks with United Chairities & Catholic Social Services about how to start off the new year in a positive way, CORE Fitness to give some exercise tips and Standard Speaker Managing Editor Mark Katchur about their 150th Anniversary.


PA Lt. Gov. Michael J. Stack III

Host Lisa Schugardt speaks with Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor Michael J. Stack III about his background, what his office does and the duties associated with it.

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