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Eyecare Today


Omega 3 Fish Oils – Part 1

Dr. Thomas Kislan talks with Dr. Michael Gross, CMO of PRN about the benefits of Omega 3’s and the difference between the products on the market.


Eye Disorders

Dr. Thomas Kislan discusses certain eye disorders that can happen from childhood to adulthood.


Community Services For Sight

Dr. Thomas Kislan speaks with Lori Lesante, President of Community Services For Sight (formerly The Hazleton Blind Association). They discuss what the organization provides and the area they cover.


Eye Conditions

Dr. Thomas Kislan discusses some common eye conditions and answers some viewers mail.


Omega 3

Dr.Thomas Kislan talks about Omega-3s as well as talks about his trip to Norway where the Omega-3s are made.


Cataract Surgery

Dr. Thomas Kislan talks with patient Jack Kozich about his perspective on cataract surgery and his experience.


The LASIK Experience

Dr. Thomas Kislan sits down with Kristen Buczynski from News 13, whom recently had Laser eye surgery, to discuss the before, during, and after, of her procedure.

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