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Chicken Française

Nate Lee, owner of “Fugetaboutit” and his guest Deb Lesante make chicken française with pasta.  

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Moran Funeral Home

“The Girls” are on location at the Joseph A. Moran Funeral Home speaking with Joseph Moran and Melissa Moran-Berlitz. They discuss the history of the funeral home and what preparations you should make.  

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Pottsville Mayor Dave Clews : Mayor’s Report, September 2022

Pottsville Mayor, Dave Clews updates us on the city and we speak to Police Chief Richard Wojciechowsky.  


Sunday, September 25, 2022

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New therapies for dry eye and macular degeneration

Dr. James Deom, OD, MPH discusses some new therapies for dry eye and macular degeneration.  

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Sept. 2022

Dr. Phil Benyo, MD and his wife Kathleen Benyo, Ph.D discuss various health topics including low back pain, bone scans, weight loss drugs and much more.  


Sunday, Sept., 18, 2022

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HAHS Athletic Director/Sports Journalist Fred Barletta Jr.

Hazleton Area High School Athletic Director/Sports Journalist Fred Barletta Jr. talks about his current job, covering local sports, covering the 1975 World Series, the 50th anniversary of Title IX and much more.  


Sunday, September 11, 2022

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What to do when you’re in a motor vehicle accident

Attorney Conrad Falvello, of Falvello Law discusses what you should do if you are in a motor vehicle accident.  

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