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Carmen’s Bakery Bakes Tradition in Easter Pies

Easter pies at Carmen’s Bakery are filled with much more than fresh ricotta cheese, delicious sausage and hard boiled eggs. Here, they come baked with tradition.

Marie Delese says her grandmother is the first mother of the Easter Pie, afterall, she brought the recipe with her from Italy!

Marie began selling the traditional treats here fifty-five years ago, and hasn’t stopped since. She says they sell about five hundred every easter season. THe secret to her delicious success? Sticking with the same recipe.

Easter Pie first came into Italian Easter tradition as a celebration for the return of Spring. It has to be prepared at least a day before serving for its flavors to properly mix, but its customers says it’s well worth it.

But the sweet treats don’t end with Pastiche. Her daughter says the bakery is famous for its huge menu of desserts.

To make the pies, they mix hard boiled eggs with raw eggs, sugar and cheese all together, add some meat and pour it in the mixing bowl before scooping it into a flaky pie crust and putting it in the oven. And while the Easter Pies are for sale here until Saturday evening, don’t even think about getting a look at the family recipe.

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