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Butler Township Continues Group-Home Hearing

High tensions grew even taller last night in Butler Township. At the root of it all: community gossip.

Neighborly concern quickly turned into misinformation about who its newest neighbors could be- and resulted in Butler Township residents packing a cramp hearing room.

The house in question in Butler Township is a group home for people living with developmental disabilities. Some residents says they had safety concerns about the community home.

But what actually drew these crowds was a rumor that the home was intended as a half-way house for former convicts. Jim Weber says town gossip is pure human nature, though this might have went a little far.

The home would house three brothers in their twenties who all have developmental disabilities. The brothers would be supervised 24-hours a day by at least one staff member from Pennsylvania Mentor, who operates about ten similiar homes in Luzerne county. The board was supposed to make a decision, but the meeting only last ten minutes because Pennsylvania Mentor failed to post the application for the home on the property.

So the board paused the hearing until next month. But Pennsylvania Mentor stayed to answer some of the communities concerns.

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