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Bath Salts Arrest

Bath Salts Arrest

A traffic stop leads officers to an even bigger bust. Large amounts of cash and synthetic narcotics including bath salts were found in a Hazle Township motel room on Sunday. 42 year old, Frackville native, Brett Lee Blankenbiller was in possession of these drugs yesterday when troopers came knocking at his motel room door at Penn Terrace Motel. According to court papers, Blankenbiller said the bath salts weren’t illegal because the formula is new and hasn’t been banned yet. The alleged was also in possession of  plastic screw top containers labeled “Diamoned Dust” and “White Girl Massage Powder”. During his arraignment yesterday in Hazle Township,  he was found to have  a large criminal background. His bail was set at $75,000 dollars. Blankenbiller was charged with one felony count of manufacture, possession or delivery with intent to manufacture and misdemeanor charges for possession. If convicted, he could receive a $15,000 dollar fine and spend up to seven years in prison.





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