A “Monumental” Move

Hazleton Veteran Monument


Local Veterans are not happy with Hazleton City Officials…stemming
from a tree and war monuments.
Well known Army Veteran Joseph “Sarge” Heintz tells News 13 he’s been
getting 4 to 5 calls a week from his fellow war heroes wanting to know
whe**n the monuments in front of Hazleton City Hall will be moved so
they can actually be seen. This past year, City Officials decided that
the Christmas tree would become a permanent fixture outside of City
Hall, instead of every year looking for a new tree, but the only problem
is now the war monuments that sit outside of city hall are blocked by
the tree. This angered some Veterans who asked the City to do
something…either move the tree or relocate the monuments. Hazleton
Mayor Joe Yannuzzi heard the cries of Veterans and tells News 13 he is
working hard to get the monuments moved. He understands why the Veterans
are angry, but what it comes down to is money. According to Mayor
Yannuzzi, it is going cost anywhere from 2500 to 3000 dollars to move
the monuments to Memorial Park at the corner of Diamond Avenue and
Church Street.
The monuments will need to be taken apart and a crane used to move them out.
Then, they will need to be reassembled at the park.
There will also need to be a cement base poured for the marble monuments
to sit on. A monument company will need to be hired. The City is looking
for donations of any kind to help make that happen. Also, If anyone has
a crane that can be donated to do the job, the Mayor Says that would be
a big help.If you’re interested in helping make this important move
happen for the Veterans, call the Mayor’s office at 459-4910.

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