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“A Call To Witness”

Sam talks with Jane Gagliardo, subject of the book “A Call To Witness” and about her podcast “My Stories…Chapters and Challenges.”

Call to Witness is the true story of one woman’s battle with disability, discrimination, and a leading pharmaceutical powerhouse. Jane Gagliardo was a throwaway employee, fired after working nearly a decade for a leading vaccine maker when her disability surfaced. Jane is fearless and impassioned, and her story will leave readers empowered to stand up for themselves, even if it means standing alone. This 2002 landmark case changed the law and challenges the way corporations do business today. This riveting dramatic account sheds fascinating insight into the world of vaccine production, both past and present, that will have every reader searching through their immunization record–this corporation literally runs in the veins of millions of Americans.

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Jane Gagliardo

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