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Water Challenge

The Girls SSPTV

“The Girls” talk with Board Certified Dermatologist Stephen Schleicher about ways to keep your skin healthy and young looking. Jeannine and some of her friends do the “water” challenge.

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Tame Those Sugar Cravings

Host, Deb Lesante and Dr. Joe Bafile of Bafile Family Chiropractic give us 10 Ways To Avoid Sugar Cravings. They also talk to a new patient about how Dr. Joe helped her to “feel good” and Deb takes a zinc test.

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October 30, 2014

Host, Sam Lesante talks with veterinarian Dr. I.H. Kathio about his diplomatic work with the U.S. and Pakistan. We also see some of the animals that are brought to Dr. Kathio and how Dr. Kathio helped them. This contains video that may be graphic to some. For more info. go to

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Brandon’s Forever Home

In this episode we talk to a couple who has adopted 5 children of all age ranges, we speak to the eldest adopted, we talk to the parents and we talk to one of the member’s of Brandon’s Forever Home.

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