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Facebook Post Prompts Reaction From Pottsville Mayoral Candidate

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 5.08.02 PM It’s the 21st century story that keeps resurfacing: You post something silly on social media, someone thinks it’s about them, and a cat fight ensues. Only this time, a Pottsville Councilman and a Mayoral candidate are the one’s at odds.

This is definately a tit-for-tat story. It all came to a head last week, when the recent mayoral candidate won Pottsville’s republican primary. Now, he faces a long, hard road to that seat, including confronting those who are hoping to bring him some stiff competition.

Last week, Scott Thomas’ house was struck by lightening.

Thomas says the fire chief responded promptly and crews did an excellent job handling the situation…but he’s calling for the resignation of one individual for showing off his Internet muscles.

The attack consisted of a single Facebook post that read: “I have no power right now! This night could not have ended any better!! Somedays, thunderstorms are a man’s best friend. Karma’s a [blank].” Atkinson, who is a democratic councilman, posted that about an hour after the lightening strike. And the lightening strike happend just two days after Thomas won the republican nod for Pottsville mayor.

Thomas sent letter to the Mayor that called for Mr. Atkinson’s resignation. So News 13 caught up with the Councilman to ask if he plans on leaving public office.

Atkinson says the post was not about Thomas or his family, but his own family.

Regardless of who you believe, the naked truth of this has two dimensions: Assuming does make butts out of people. And, if you’re not going to bare it all when posting social media, then folks should maybe try keeping it G-rated so we don’t have to report on a second coming of social media gone wrong.

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