Weatherly Parking Enforcement

Weatherly Sign

Weatherly- If you’re an illegal parker in Weatherly, it’s ticket time. Police officers are now enforcing an old directional parking law to help keep safe traffic flow and prevent accidents. Residents have complained about dangerous problems caused by illegal parking, so police hauled out an old ordinance which says on two-way streets, every car must be parked “parallel to and with the right hand wheel within 12 inches of the right hand curb”. For the past few weeks the local police have been placing warning slips on cars disobeying the law.

“When we did see them lately we did give them warning..they were welcome to call here any time and ask,” said police officer George Keifer.

Ticketing was supposed to start Thursday,but police were busy helping direct traffic and cleaning up the streets after Super Storm Sandy. The officers on duty in Weatherly said everyone has been in compliance with the law so far. Patrolman Keifer thinks people will follow the law, but some folks in the area said police enforcement will not stop some people from parking how they want.

People disobeying this law will be fined 20 dollars. The Weatherly police said other changes will be made in the near future and are meant to keep the citizens safe.






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