Weapon Arrest Large Fake Currency

Hazleton Police Department conducted a TRAFFIC STOP at Muir Ave and Cedar Street at approximately 11:53pm on March 2, 2019, on a black Audi Q5 bearing PA Registration and identified operator, Deivon Amir Barlow and back seat passenger, Teshawn Devante Nelson.

Initially the vehicle had an Expired Registration of 11/18, and also an Expired Inspection of 01/18.

Upon observation, obtaining information and investigation the officers found that Barlow had a Suspended Driver’s License.

Investigation continued and Officers could detect the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and as a result, had both occupants exit the vehicle and patted down for weapons for their safety.

Upon checking the rear passenger, Teshawn Devante Nelson was found to have a silver North American Arms 22 Magnum, fully loaded Revolver, in the front right side of his pants.

During a check of the interior of the vehicle, a marijuana roach was located in the front ash tray, and two Jars of Marijuana were subsequently found.

Officers found what appeared to be a large amount of Currency located in the driver’s side door in a plastic bag.

Officers later counted and collected, $9,800.00 in US Currency as well as $20,400.00 in counterfeit (Fake) one hundred dollar bills.

Both were taken into custody, and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

Both males were brought back to City Hall and placed in cells.

Investigation yielded that Teshawn Nelson did not have a License to Carry a Firearm and was previously Convicted of a Felony, with an enumerated Section that did not allow him to Carry a Firearm.

The driver, Barlow was later released and charges are being filed to include Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Driving a Vehicle with a Suspended License, Operating a Vehicle with an Expired Registration, and Expired Inspection.

The rear passenger, Teshawn Nelson was eventually processed and transported to Luzerne County Prison charges included, Persons Not to Possess a FireArm,(F-2), Firearms not be be Carried Without a License,(F-3), Possession of Marijuana (M), and Possession of Paraphernalia,(M).

Det. Green, Det. Wagner, and Chief Speziale were notified.

All evidence logged in and the entire amount of money kept, documented and placed in evidence for safe keeping.

Investigation continuing on the ownership of the gun.

During the start of dayshift, Officer 1st Class D. Zapotocky was able to locate possible ownership and the investigation is ongoing.

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