Professional Video Production

Every great idea starts with a great script. If you’re looking to develop an idea or looking for a fresh new one, Sam-Son Productions’ scriptwriters are here to help. With years of experience, our writers will make your ideas come to life and capture the audience during every second of your production.

Every script is accompanied by a storyboard. You’ll be able to “preview” the look and feel of your production, and to make sure it’s what you want. See how an idea will develop before the cameras start shooting. A well-designed storyboard ensures you’ll get the product seen the way you want it to be seen.

Once the script and storyboard have been approved, Sam-Son Productions sets out to gather all the necessary pieces for your production. Still photos, stock video footage, and custom shot video are assembled to the production requirements.

This is where most of the “magic” happens. Our production team utilize the latest in professional software and hardware to edit, mix sound, and color your production. Any animation or special effects will be constructed during this phase.

Sam-Son Productions offers a wide variety of formats to have your production mastered. The most popular is a digital format (.mov, .mp4) for posting online. We can also put the digital file on a custom made USB drive. We also offer CD & DVD.

Sam-Son Productions offers a wide variety of multimedia solutions to help your business be seen and grow.

Sam-Son Productions, Inc. prides itself in being able to deliver the highest quality and the most original production at the best value to its customers.
Using the latest in camera technology, Sam-Son Productions is able to offer high-definition (1080p) clarity to its customers.

Our technology doesn’t stop there… We utilize the very latest in Non-Linear Editing (NLE) computing, using the most elite Apple Mac Pro computers. For all those computer geeks out there, our Mac Pros feature the latest nVidia graphic cards, dual quad-core CPUs and gigabtyes upon gigabytes of RAM. There’s no doubt that these are the machines of choice to get the best results.

Final Cut Pro & After Effects

Using the very latest versions of Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s After Effects, our Imagineers can make the most accurate cuts on your production. One of Hollywood’s latest television pilots for Home Box Office (HBO) was cut on Sam-Son Productions equipment.


The production process doesn’t end with those applications, our team goes the extra-mile to make sure your production is the most appealing it can be to human eyes. Using Apple’s Color program, our Imagineers color-correct or enhance the color within your production. “Adding polish to the paint job” to use an analogy.

Anyone can say they have the best equipment in the business, but not many can say they know how to use it. At Sam-Son Productions, our staff is trained to use the very latest software and equipment. Beyond understanding, our staff is comprised of some of the most imaginative and creative minds in the business.
It’s just one of the reasons we say, “Nothing’s beyond our imagination!”

We invite you to explore this website and find out more about why your next production should be a Sam-Son Production.