Update:Bullets Found in School

More details are emerging after 83 bullets were discovered last week
inside a garbage can at the Hazleton Area 9th Grade Center. News 13 met
with Superintendent of the Hazleton Area School District, Dr. Francis
Antonelli, Assistant to the Superintendent, Don Bayzick and Trooper
Chris Bayzick from the State Police Tuesday morning where we learned
that the 22 caliber bullets were brought to school by a 16 year old boy
and given to another boy the same age inside the bathroom….it was
there that the bullets were to be temporarily hidden in the garbage can.
Officials said the same boy who received the bullets had a 22 caliber
stolen gun waiting for him at home, which police tell us was to be used
for target practice. The 22 caliber revolver was one of several guns
recently stolen from a Kline Township home. Trooper Bayzick tells us, it
was a 14-year-old boy who not only was involved in the Kline burglary,
but was the seller of the gun, and even though the 16-year-old boy
voluntarily handed the gun over to police from his home in Rock Glen,
one of the charges the 14 year old boy faces is “possession of a weapon
on school property.” Trooper Bayzick says that charge stems from the
student having the gun in his possession on school property in a parking
lot. School Administrators stress that the gun was NOT inside any of the
buildings on campus. Again that weapon was one of many recently stolen
from a Kline Township home. Dr. Antonelli also stressed that after the
bullets were found on Tuesday at the dismissal of school, the building
was searched for hours that evening and again throughout school day
Wednesday. The investigation could not have been conducted had students
not been INSIDE the buildings and therefore students were kept in school
on a “restrictive movement.” Dr. Antonelli said the school is now
looking to possibly add metal detectors to use on a daily basis. All
three juveniles involved in this incident are NOT in school and are in

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