Two Officers Hurt in Struggle


Two West Hazleton Police Officers were hurt after a Hazleton man put up
a fight and struggled with the officers who were trying to arrest him.23
year old Reinaldo Hernandez-Montanez was seen by the Officers running
down 4Th street early Sunday morning around 2:30 a.m.
Officers Nicholas Stetchak and Robert Minnick were on patrol and wanted
to know why he was running and stopped him. Police say
Hernandez-Montanez, who appeared intoxicated, stumbled to the police
cruiser. Police asked him to back away from the vehicle several times
the man refused. While trying to handcuff Hernandez-Montanez, he
struggled with officers, pushing them away from him and resisting
arrest. He was told if he did not stop he would be hit with a Taser gun.
Police needed to follow through with that warning and Hernandez-Montanez
was Tased twice.
After the struggle ended, Officer Stetchak sustained knee and arm
injuries and Officer Minnick suffered the same type of injuries. The two
Officers also suffered scrapes and bruises. Both went to the hospital
and were treated and released. As for Hernandez-Montanez, he sits in a
jail cell unable to post bail.

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