Surprise Guilty Plea in Hazleton Homicide

One of two men accused in the January 2011 murder of a Hazleton man has
pleaded guilty. 21 year old Angel Sanchez entered the surprise plea
Monday…pleading guilty to 3rd Degree murder in the death of 21 year
old Vladimir Ruiz. Sanchez was caught on surveillance cameras the night
of Ruiz’s death brutally beating him while another man, Rodolfo Hiraldo
Perez stabbed Ruiz. The two fled the scene together. Sanchez was
arrested shortly after, while Perez fled, but was eventually caught.
Ruiz’s murder happened in the middle of Green Street near Wyoming. His
friend, Judah Hope was also killed that night of a gun shot wound.
Police say his alleged killer, Willis Gonzalez is still on the loose.
Just last week, a judge ruled the video captured of the crime could be
used by prosecutors in the case and shown to jurors. Hiraldo-Perez will
still go on trial for his part in the crime. Sanchez faces 20-40 years
in prison when he is sentenced in May. No word if Sanchez will testify
against Hiraldo-Perez in his trial. He faces a life sentence if convicted.

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