Sugarloaf Township Board of Directors Suddenly Resigns

About 80 people flocked to the Sugarloaf Superviser Meeting Tuesday night, demanding to know why Supervisor Jack Wittig wants to resign. Wittig didn’t show up at the meeting, but only submitted a brief letter to the Sugarloaf Township’s two other supervisors.

Wittig’s resignaion letter reads: “Although there is much to say, I believe the reasons leading to this decision are known by you, and I will leave them unsaid at this time…” And although he addressed it to Sugarloaf Township, both township couldn’t explain why Wittig resigned.

But some residents say they’re not sure if they believe that.

While Wittig letter indicates his resignation is effective immidiately, it’s not clear if he is resigned. That’s because while Supervisor Weaver motioned to accept the resignation, Supervisor Miller motioned to postpone it- and there was no third vote to break the tie. But Sugarloaf Chief of police says the supervisers should have acted on the resignation Tuesday night.

Sugarloaf officials have thirty days to appoint a new superviser, or the resignation could end up in court.

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