Sugarloaf Supervisor Speaks Up


Sugarloaf Supervisor, Rick Weaver is frustrated.

“We have so many lawsuits. We have a personal grudge match going on with Conyngham Borough Authority.   There’s a lot of bills that aren’t getting paid and we’re getting interest fees and late fees and the money is adding up,” said Rick Weaver.

Weaver has been in office for nearly two years, but he still feels out of the loop.

“I want to know what’s going on at (the) Township. I have a right to know,” said Weaver.

Tuesday he was invited to sit down with concerned citizens at Tom’s Kitchen in Conyngham to discuss why the issues aren’t being resolved.

On Tuesday, Jack Wittig and Earl T. Miller were either unavailable or not willing to speak to News13 about the meeting. Miller said he was not made aware of the meeting.

Sugarloaf and the neighboring Conyngham Bourough have a difference in opinion relating to how unpaid operation and maintence bills will be paid.  The plant is running on money from rate payers in Conyngham. Although Sugarloaf is still collecting rates, they’re not paying the authority and holding that money in their accounts. Concerned citizens feel Sugarloaf Township’s two other supervisors are not being open with issues and not cooperating with Conyngham.

Weaver said questions were not answered at the last supervisor meeting because, Supervisor Jack Wittig stepped down from his position before discussion could take place. Widdick abruptly resumed his position after that meeting. Now, Weaver invites the community to come out to the next meeting to get the answers to the issues.

Folks at the meeting on Tuesday from Conyngham believe their Borough is ready to negotiate on issues. They’re waiting for the supervisors to meet them half way.












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