Students to Revote on Mascot

Ralph Nicholas, President McAdoo High School Alumni Association

A compromise was made Monday evening at a Hazleton Area School Board Special Meeting and it remains the students who will determine their mascot for the newly renovated McAdoo-Kelayres Elementary/Middle School. An initial vote was taken amongst the students and about 90 percent of them chose Mustangs as the nickname, but the President of the McAdoo High School Alumni Association, Ralph Nicholas, said that voted was tainted. He felt the “Maroons” nickname was stained when the children were told the name means slaves, demons or Native Americans. Nicholas explained that he found eleven different definitions for “Maroons,” all of which explained about the color or someone trapped on an island, but one definition explains “Maroons” as being slaves and demons in one little village in India during the 17th and 18th Century. Nicholas feels the name was taken out of context and tells News 13 that, “the definition is not in any of our dictionaries now as demons.”

To solve the issue the school’s parent-teachers association and the McAdoo High School Alumni Association each picked two nicknames and students will revote for their mascot only after a thorough meaning of each mascot is given to them. The parent-teachers association chose Mustangs and Bears. The McAdoo High School Alumni Association chose Maroons and Marauders. More on this LIVE at 5.

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