SKIP: Keep it Pretty

Litter is a common problem in the area, no matter where you look you can
see bottles, papers, tires and bags of garbage. One Non profit
organization in Schuylkill County has a number one priority of keeping
their hometown and community clean. S-K-I-P or “Schuylkill Keep It
Pretty” has been around for 25 years and is looking for volunteers to
help during the Great PA Clean Up coming up in April. Over the past few
years the number of volunteers have been dropping. News 13 talked to
S-K-I-P’s Director Robert Stablum about the program and how you can get
involved. Call 570-628-3758 or visit Stablum said it is
everyone’s responsibly to keep communities clean. Not only In Schuylkill
County but Luzerne and Carbon as well. Contact your local Municipality
to see how you can get involved in cleaning up your neighborhood or just
give SKIP a call…and remember, nobody loves a litter bug

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