Shop or Stay Home?

Door busters, midnight openings,  bargains and sales.  Welcome to Black Friday . While the biggest shopping day of the year is officially today, the sales started much earlier. Still, shops all over are filled with people looking for a good deal, or as News 13 found out, running from the madness!  The sales at Boscov’s had people lined up outside of the store, well before the sun came up! Kim Gormley is the store manager. She said, the outside of her store looked like a block party before 3am!  Lots of items are catching the eye of shoppers today. Purses, watches and even lanterns are selling like crazy. Black Friday is certainly not for everyone, however.  After working in retail for 18-years, Black Friday brings one word to mind for Ellen Porreca; chaos. Ellen won’t be doing any shopping today.  Whether you love a good sale or decide to bail, Black Friday is only one day of the year. Happy Shopping!


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