Send Help to Oklahoma Tornado Survivors to Established Organizations

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Director Glenn M. Cannon today encouraged citizens who want to help Oklahoma tornado survivors to go through established organizations.
“We all know that Pennsylvanians have a long history of helping those in need, and in a situation like this, making a monetary donation or providing supplies that are known are needed to a trusted charity, is likely the best way to do that.”
For information on offering support, as well as a list of Oklahoma community and service organizations seeking assistance, go to and click the “How to Help Tornado Victims’’ link.
“Doing what’s called ‘self-deployment’ to a disaster scene can actually hamper rescue and recovery efforts,” Cannon said.
Organized volunteer efforts ensure that a volunteer’s skills are sent to a location where those skills are needed at that time.
Making a donation directly to a charity ensures that contributions are used only for goods and services that are needed by disaster survivors. Charity groups coordinate their efforts to ensure that donations are used for the things the survivors need, at the right time and in the right quantity.
Pennsylvania residents are encouraged to take steps now to ensure their families are ready for emergencies. Information on the types of disasters they might face here in Pennsylvania, as well as downloadable checklists for emergency supply kits and family plan templates, is available online at

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