Search for Drive-Thru Robber

A fast-food drive-thru worker got more than just a food order. A brazen Robber WALKED up to the McDonalds on route 309 Thursday night, and demanded something not on the menu…CASH. State police say the bearded, white male, in his late 30’s or 40’s, first went to the window and gestured to the female worker that he needed the time. She opened the sliding window, told the suspect the time and that’s when he asked for all the money. While trying to close the window, the worker went to alert others inside McDonalds, the Robber reached right in and literally grabbed the cash register and ran on foot towards route 940. The robber has blonde shoulder length hair and was wearing a blue sweatshirt. Call State Police in Hazleton with information, 570-459-9813.


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