Schuylkill County Warns Residents Of Deed Service

999035_530740180323799_606615785_n An out-of-state company is charging Schuylkill County residents 300 times more than the county to obtain a copy of their deed. County officials are warning residents to ignore it, and lawyer Chester Corse says people should throw it away. The letter is not a bill, but printed on it is a due date, a warning that says there is a fine if someone intercepts the letter’s delivery, and questionable language that Corse calls misleading. And even though, in tiny print, it says, “Not a government agency,” Corse says it looks like it could be.

Matthew Dudish, the Schuylkill Couynty Recorder of Deeds says home-owners should have their original deed. He called the so-called noticed legal, but says it’s unethical.

News 13 called the Wilmington, Delaware based company, but Manager Max Stockton didn’t want to be recorded. He calls the notice, “a service of convenience,” and says obtaining a deed from the county can sometimes be “intimidating.” He says people who don’t have time to spend at the county can choose his company’s service. But Corse says he rather pay the county 25 cents instead of an out-of-state company more than 300 times that amount.

Dudish says the county will give anyone who recieved this notice a free copy of their deed.

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