Schuylkill County Historical Society Shows Off Lithuania

The Schuylkill County Historical Society is showing off its most prized gem: itself. The County is rich in history from the Baltic’s, especially Lithuania. The country is the theme of a new monthly series that started last week.

When Lithuania first came into Schuylkill County in the mid 1800s, they mostly inhabited Mahanoy and Shenandoah. The latter of which is where many Catholics congregated to make the country’s first Lithuanian Catholic Church.

They worked in the coal mines, lived in boarding houses, and made beautiful costumes, wood carvings and decorations.

The eggs are just among more than 200 other items on display this month for “History of Lithuania.

But Yasenchak’s favorite part aren’t the items. It’s the rich history behind it all, especially the food.

The Historical Society is at 305 N. Centre St. in Pottsville and is open Wednesday through Saturday. But tonight at five s the time to be there. That’s when it will hold a formal opening for the exhibit.

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