Schools on Guns

Tamaqua Area School District

Since the recent school shooting in Newtown, families and community members have been asking Tamaqua Area School District what defensive measures they’re taking to keep students safe. Assistant Superintendent of Tamaqua Area, Ray Kinder said Tamaqua is now re-evaluating their on-campus security systems, and they’re thinking about arming school workers. Kinder said the ideas are still very new, and although the board has support for looking into the policy they may have to look to other schools for guidance. It’s a preventative measure, which the Hazleton Area School district has already taken to keep their students safe. Area schools are looking towards Hazleton for advice on how to properly protect a school campus. Superintendent of Hazleton Area, Dr. Antonelli said he’s honored to help neighboring school districts. Antonelli said learning isn’t possible  if students don’t feel safe. Kinder agrees, he said safety is key. Kinder added that faculty will get the proper training to protect the students if the proposal ever goes into effect.





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