Pulaski Club Helps Fire Victims








Sabrina Lowe and her husband Melvin are finally seeing some light at the
end of the tunnel after loosing it all just last week when flames
destroyed there West Hazleton home. Wednesday afternoon they were giving
a helping hand as they begin to pick up the pieces. The couple of 15
years accepted a check for one-thousand dollars from the Pulaski Club,
who’s members reached out to their neighbors in need. This empty shell
is all that’s left of the Winter’s Avenue home the two shared…Sabrina
says it’s not easy to find a one story home that is handicap accessible
for her husband Melvin…so this home fit the couple’s needs perfectly.
The situation now is difficult, as Melvin is here at the Mountain City
Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and Sabrina is staying at Genetti’s.
The Pulaski Club’s donation means the world to the couple, who are
already on a tight budget. The couple not only lost all of their
belongings in the fire, but Melvin’s already poor communication skills
have gotten worse. Melvin is wheelchair bound and depends on Sabrina
every day, making it even more difficult for the two being separated.
Local charities and organizations have been coming together to help this
devastated couple in a time of need.
The Pulaski Club’s compassion is just another way the duo will be able
to move on from this tragedy. As Mountain City works with Melvin through
physical and speech therapy. Sabrina will focus on one thing, getting a
new home. The couple’s family doctor is also taking donations. If you
are able to help please contact Dr. Howard Cox’s office at 454-0500. Dr.
Cox’s office is located at 149 North Vine Street here in Hazleton.
Sabrina can also be reached directly at 579-3283 or 926-9412.

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