PPL Scam









PPL warns of some scammers targeting the power company’s customers and
reminds residents not to be duped. News 13 has learned that the scammers
will call customers, threatening to turn off their service unless they
receive immediate utility bill payment with a prepaid debit card. PPL
Electric Utilities, as well as other neighboring utilities, have
received customer complaints over the past several weeks about the
suspicious activity in which callers are falsely representing themselves
as utility employees. The company said the attempted ploy has happened
with dozens of customers from all across its 29-county service
territories and that in most cases, the customers arent even late in
paying their bill. If you have any doubts about a caller claiming to
represent PPL, or about information given to you, hang up and call
1-800-DIAL-PPL (1-800-342-5775) for verification. Call your local police
department if things don’t check out. Most visits to customer homes by
PPL Electric Utilities or its contractors are prearranged by the
customer or through a call to the customer. If someone claiming to be
from PPL comes to your door, ask for proper identification.

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