Pottsville High Honored For High Achievements

Pottsville Area High School just got graded, and passed with an A-Plus! U-S News and World Report ranked it among the best in the nation for students to learn.

Students at Pottsville Area High School say they’re proud to be known as hard workers.

The report honored Pottsville high Due with a bronze Medal in its academics due to its college readiness program. It’s rated it the very best in the region, which is no surprise to post-secondary counselor Ellen King.

In particular, she says, the school’s Advanced Placement, or AP classes gave the school a boost in the ranking. The college-level courses are more challenging than regular courses at the school, but that’s not scaring them away.

The 2010-11 school year, shows almost 120 students enrolled in AP courses. This year, the school added an extra hundred students, and with it, even more AP options.

Principal Tiffany Reedy says the school aims to prepare all students for whatever they choose to pursue after graduation, but she stresses AP classes can really help.

And in a time of smaller resources and other schools across the county closing or slimming down curriculums, students at Pottsville High are proud their class options are expanding.

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