Pottsville Fights Against Blight

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 5.42.52 PM Yesterday we told you about a vacant home in Mahanoy City that suddenly collapsed. Well, Blight is also common in Pottsville, but city officials there are taking agressive measures to fight it.

Deirde Pepe loves beautifying her home on 600 block of North Second Street in Pottsville. But the house just across the street from hers is so beat-up, she avoids even looking at it.

Blight is also apparent on the 400 block of St. Nicolas Street.

And tthe 100 block of Third Street.

Thomas Palamar has been working to fight the city’s blight for more than a year. And now, he says the city is being more aggressive.

He and other city officials meet at least once a month to go over a course of action. They recently made a list of 20 of the worst blighted properties in the city.

So if you see a property that needs way more than some elbow grease, give the city a call. It might just end up on their shame list.

Here’s the Top 10 Worst Properties in the City of Pottsville:

10. 602 W. Arch St., Mike Beers, owner

9. 556-558 Peacock St., James and Christina Stepen

8. 124 S. Third St., Robert Truck

7. 317 N. George St., William Lucabaugh

6. 1950 Mahantongo St., William Winlack

5. 456 Nichols St., Lisa Phillip as custodian

4. 303 N. Ninth St., Garage Flex LLC

3. 407 Laurel Blvd., Apt. & Acquisitions

2. 446 E. Market St., Tala M. Rajha

1. 674 N. Second St., Said Attalla (photo above)

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