Pottsville Council Continues Fight Against Blight

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 5.42.52 PM Officials in Pottsville are continuing their agressive approach to clamp down on blight. They met Monday night at City Hall to discuss the next phase it wasn’t met without some firey criticism.

It all started in June, when Pottsville published a list with the top ten worst blighted properties in Pottsville. That was followed by a top twenty list, which came out last month. Well, imgaine you’re reading the paper, and then you see the address of your property on the list, and next to it, your name. Pretty embarassing stuff. So some residents who came to last night’s City Council meeting were not happy about the city’s blight list.

Edward Orlick says he pays his property taxes every year. So when he heard a home he owns and uses for storage on 313 Peacock Street was awarded Pottsville’s 17th most blighted property, he says he didn feel embarassed, felt angry. He says the city’s blight task force is hyprocritical.

He says the city should consulted home owners before publishing their names. So he tried turning the tables by showing city officials properties he calls blight. But City Adminstrator Tom Palamar says the city actually has no blighted homes.

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