Pottsville Continues Fight Against Blight

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 5.18.55 PM City officials in Pottsville continue their agressive fight against blight. This week, they announced about possibly handling blighted properties by plowing them to the ground with wrecking balls.

The city says they do plan on demolishing about ten homes. The money to do that will come from state grants, so it won’t cost Pottsville taxpayers, but the use of wrecking balls has some neighbors worried.

Ellen Wesnoski says she enjoys drinking her morning coffee on her porch every day. But what she doesn’t enjoy is the view of a sorely blighted property just across the street from hers

The house is at 674 N. Second Street. And it holds the number one spot in the city’s list of worst blighted properties. It’s walls are marred with peeling paint, it’s front door has been kicked in, and it’s ceiling is falling a part. But the owner is no where to be found.

Pottsville Mayor John Reiley says the city is willing to work with property owners, but if they’re aren’t cooporative, he says the city could use wrecking balls to take down some properties.

Pottsville’s Zoning and Code Enforcement Office says demolishing the blighted homes won’t cost tax payers a dime.

Meanwhile, Ellen says she’ll be glad when it’s no longer in her view. But she’s worried what damage could be done to the homes next to the blighted properties if the city takes a wrecking ball to it.

The city says after they demolish the homes, they’re considering turning those properites into either parking lots or even green spaces, but really, they say anything would be better than the blighted homes that sit there.

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