Pantry Quik Hold up…Robbers Nabbed

Two Hazleton Police Officers on patrol stopped a vehicle and found three
alleged robbers who held up a convenience store just hours earlier and
may have been headed to hit another business. The three men charged with
robbing the Pantry Quik on Diamond Avenue in Hazleton just after 10
Sunday night
are 20-year-old Jean Serrano-Jimene, 19-year-old Francisco Hernandez and
19-year-old Santiago Cintron-Castel all in custody Monday evening.One of
the men is believed to be in this country illegally and all three have
been staying at homes in the City. Hazleton Patrolman Tony Panzarella
along with Sergeant Mark Zola caught the suspects driving along a
one-way street in the wrong direction; the officers pulled the car over
near the Convenient Mart at Wyoming and Juniper Streets. When the
vehicle was searched there was evidence inside that matched the items
stolen in the Pantry Quik robbery and the three guys inside the car
matched the description of the robbers. Police Chief Frank DeAndrea
gathered the media Monday morning and said it was quick work by officers
who were alert on the job that helped nab the suspects. Chief DeAndrea
also added that he believes these men were planning on striking again.
Although he would not go into detail, DeAndrea says there is possibly a
fourth person involved.
Luckily no one was hurt in the crime and one of the suspects did have
use a gun in the robbery. All three are in the Luzerne County Prison

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