Officer Williams Back on the Job

It was a happy ending for one local police officer who found himself
run down by a criminal and seriously injured. News 13 found Freeland
Police Officer Matt Williams back on the job today helping the
Boroughs Sewer Authority with a project by directing traffic. You
remember, Officer Williams suffered a concussion and facial fractures
while he was on duty after asking a 27-year-old man from Monroe County
about a disturbance, and asked him to turn his vehicle off and when he
wouldn’t. Williams preceded to try and turn it off himself. That’s
when the suspect hit the gas, dragging the Patrolman along for the
ride. Williams eventually fell from the vehicle, hitting his head and
body and was flown to a trauma center. The suspect fled from police
before ditching his vehicle and taking off into the woods on foot but
was quickly caught, Officer Williams is so thankful to not only be
back on the job but for all the support he received. Williams thanks
everyone for the cards and well wishes that were sent to him and he thanks all
the police departments in assisting in the investigation. The man
responsible for hurting Officer Williams, Michael Mokshefski remains
in prison tonight. As for Williams injuries, he is almost back to 100

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