Murder Trial Continues

Investigators say in November of 2010, he kidnapped 20-year-old Alicia
Weaver from downtown Hazleton, drove to a remote location in Foster
Township and shot her in cold blood. Wednesday, News 13 was at the
Luzerne County Courthouse where the murder trial of 22-year-old Benjamin
Westbrooks continued. Investigators describe Westbrooks as a pimp and a
gang member and say the argument between he and Weaver began over money
Westbrooks claimed Weaver owed. Two witnesses who already took the stand
are Daniel Smith and Brandon Crumb. Smith testified Tuesday he was with
Westbrooks when he allegedly shot Weaver. Smith said he did not have
anything to do with Weaver’s death and neither did Brandon Crumb who
also testified for the prosecution, and reportedly was present when
Weaver was murdered. Crumb was actually missing for 11-months after
Weaver’s body was found. Smith said after the murder he fled the area
because he was afraid of what Westbrooks might do to him. Alicia
Weaver’s boyfriend at the time took the stand and he said that he
received a text message from Alicia that said quote “Tears and them got
me” the day her body was found. “Tears” is reportedly Westbrooks street
name, which he has denied to investigators. He also denied being a pimp
to investigators, yet the prosecution has prison recordings of him being
called “Tears” on the phone and admitting to being a pimp. Another
witness who is supposed to be called to the stand is Westbrooks brother
whose DNA was found on one of the shell casings. So far, he is missing
and police continue to search for him. Christopher Gonzalez who also
took the stand, an ex-boyfriend of Weaver, was with her the day
Westbrooks kidnapped Alicia from downtown Hazleton. When he called her,
she said she couldn’t talk and hung up the phone. Most of Wednesday’s
witnesses were all experts called by the prosecution, including a DNA
analyst and a forensic scientist. Weaver’s Family, including her mom,
was in the courtroom and tell News 13 that once Westbrooks is convicted
they will speak with the media. Trial continues on Thursday.

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