More Jobs Coming to Hazleton?

Two hundred jobs may be coming to Hazleton’s downtown and two buildings brought back to life! Local businessman, George Hayden wants to purchase two properties in the downtown and on Wednesday got the City’s support. Council unanimously backed a resolution authorizing 10 years worth of real estate, earned income, mercantile and business privilege tax abatements for the two properties. Hayden pitched his idea to City Council to renovate the former HNB Building at 101 West Broad Street and the former Trader’s Bank property at 2 East Broad. Hayden has a dream for both the HNB building and Trader’s bank building. The business man hopes to turn them into office space to bring more business to downtown Hazleton in the coming years. Hayden told council if it were not for the KOZ Program, he would not have been able to redo the Markle building years ago. Hayden said along with the construction project and the tenants moving into the building, over 200 jobs could be coming to Hazleton. The Hazleton Area School District along with Luzerne County also needs to sign off on the KOZ. Hayden believes that will NOT be a problem.

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