McAdoo Catholic Elementary Could Close Doors

Mcdoo Catholic Third grader Ashley Loss has attended Mcdoo Catholic Elementary since preschool, and she says she prefers having a religious component to her education.

But her chance of graduating from here is threatened by the school’s deficit. Sister Mary Suecarwile says the school has to raise a hundred thirty thousand dollars to open in the fall.

Sister Suecarwile school isn’t asking for money, just for pledges to help meet their goal. Donors have already promised more than 40 thousand dollars, mostly through phone-a-thons, fundraiser and seeking grants.

If you can’t make it to the open house Sunday, Sister Suecarwile says prospective students can shadow a current student for a day.  child’s faith.

As for little Ashely, she wants to eventually graduate from here to go on to Catholic High School. She says she learns core values, like respect and manners at the school. And is hopeful donors will pull through.


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