Man arrested at store – Make threats to police

HPD responded to a report of a disorderly black male who was yelling at the manager inside the store at 70 S. Locust Street around 2pm on Sunday.

Upon arrival, the male identified himself as “Chris Simmons.” When officers ran the name it came back with no record found. The actor then stated that he can call his mother and she will confirm his identity. Upon making the phone call, the male immediately said “Mom, tell the cops that my name is Chris Simmons.”

As officers attempted take the actor into custody for ID, he became combative and attempted to flee the store on foot.

The entire time, even after being cuffed, the actor continued resisting officers by attempting kick at officers and pull away and run.

While placing the actor into the patrol vehicle he again continued resisting by means of kicking at officers and refusing to allow officers to close the patrol vehicle door.

Upon getting the actor back to the Hazleton Police Department he was eventually identified as JAMEL PORTER (12/18/90).

It was determined the individual has possible outstanding warrant for his arrest out of New York, however, the warrant CAN NOT be confirmed until after Porter is live scan fingerprinted and positively identified.

Based on statements, Porter stated multiple times in Hazleton Police Headquarters that “he is going to get a gun and kill the officers.”

Due to the extremely combative behavior of PORTER, he was unable to be processed or printed and subsequently was transported to LVHH to be decontaminated, medically cleared and evaluated for lodging at LCCF.

Charges were completed against PORTER for resisting arrest, false ID to law enforcement, M-3 disorderly conduct and terroristic threats.

Upon confirmation of the warrant from New York a criminal complaint will be completed against Porter for being a Fugitive from Justice.

Statement of Mayor Jeff Cusat:

“This is a difficult and dangerous job, but the men and women of the Hazleton Police Department are amongst the best trained and can handle any situation with confidence and integrity.”

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