Local Military Wife releases book ” Sleeping with Dog Tags”


Sleeping With Dog Tags

Local Woman Authors Sleeping with Dog Tags, A Book About The Military
Family Experience During War

In 2011 while most were going about their normal daily routine, Tiffany
Cloud Olson of Conyngham, PA was thinking of her husband, SSG Erik
Olson, a decorated Special Operations combat veteran serving outside the
wire in eastern Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush near Pakistan. Based upon
insurgent activity in the region, a high probability existed that he
would be injured or worse. Olson was not naive to battle, as prior to
Afghanistan, he served two year-long tours with Special Operations in
Iraq where he was awarded numerous commendations, among them, three
bronze stars, including the bronze star for valor. But despite being a
seasoned combat veteran, the risks for him were real, and the fears for
her, palpable.

As self-imposed therapy, Cloud Olson began to write about her
experiences as a military spouse lacking sleep, worrying daily, checking
the casualty report incessantly, & coping sometimes well (often
horribly) while her husband was at war. Her writing evolved into a book
entitled Sleeping with Dog Tags, which releases this week and will be
available in major bookstores, Amazon.com, and Kindle/eBooks.

Sleeping with Dog Tags tracks the emotional roller coaster of a military
spouse’s year at home while her husband is deployed in Afghanistan.
Central to her narrative is the conviction that while war is hell for
the soldiers, it is also hell for family members manning the home front,
and there are few supports for those left behind.

But the story is also a love story. A story about two people meeting
later in life after divorces and discovering they are soul mates—despite
their very different backgrounds. And it is the wisdom garnered from a
life of experiences that feeds a very poignant, yet very self-aware
reflection on the challenges of dealing with the ever-present specter of
death, the “my way or the highway” nature of the military, and the
missteps of a strong woman treading the unchartered path of the military
spouse. But, her humor and passion elevate the narrative. This is not a
bitter or whiny piece of writing—angry at times, yes, sad too, and funny
as well—but her objective is not to complain. Rather, she strives to
offer some perspective on her experiences in the hopes that other
military spouses will take some courage and confidence from the
heartfelt reminiscences of a woman who got really tired of saying
-Word Association Publishers

She does not only wish to raise awareness of the military family
experience with this book, she also wishes to raise money for an
organization benefiting her community. Cloud Olson intends to donate a
portion of the profits from Sleeping with Dog Tags to The Rolling Angels
for Armed Forces, a motorcycle group that supports local military and
their families in multiple ways—soldier send offs, return home
celebrations, presence at military funerals, and gifts for military
children during the holidays, among the many things they do.

SSG Olson returned from his Afghanistan tour earlier this year,
recipient of The Purple Heart. He is currently recovering from injuries
at a military base near Washington D.C. where he is in The Wounded
Warrior Program.

**Watch Friday Night’s edition of News 13 for more with the Author and
why she decided to write this book along with more on The Rolling Angels
for Armed Forces**

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