Local Cockapoo Survives Brutal Pitbull Attack

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Cookie trots with a limp and looks in pain when she gives her tail a wag. She has more than a hundred stictches, and has to wear uncomfortale headgear so she doesn’t bite her wounds, all as a result of a brutal attack from a pit bull Sunday.

She’s a brave people dog. Cookie was walking with Toni’s son, Charles, down a path behind Hazleton Area High School when a pitbull suddenly started running towards them.

The pitbull ran away into the woods, but the commotion garnered nearby witnesses to call emergency services.

Charles wasn’t bitten, but doctors at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital said he had a mild heart-attack from the incident. Meanwhile, Cookie’s injuries were so bad that the pitbull nearly killed her. A vetinarian gave her needed shots, pain medication and antibiotics. The total bill for the surgery cost Toni nearly $2,000.

Police did track down the owners of the dog, and now the family is hoping the pitbull’s owners pay up for her dog’s surgery bill.

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