Keeping an Extra Eye in the Sky

It was just one year ago that downtown business owners and city officials teamed up to begin adding extra security with video surveillance cameras. Tuesday morning members of the Downtown Committee got a first hand look on how these security cameras work. Keith Maxwell, a representative from Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, joined in on the meeting at City Hall to give an update on the cameras and show everyone first hand exactly how they work. Currently, 54 cameras are set up throughout the city of Hazleton. Maxwell says, most sit in high profile areas where police have experienced problems in the past. Police are able to watch footage from these cameras in the police station, in their police cruisers and even on their cell phones. After installing several cameras in the front and back of her business, Rosanna Airs, owner of Vesuvio’s, says her customers feel safer and more comfortable coming to downtown Hazleton. About a year ago, the owner put a total of four cameras around her building to not only surveillance her pizzeria, but help Hazleton City Police out too. Vesuvio’s isn’t the only business that has invested in these cameras, many businesses all over the city of Hazleton are putting an extra “eye in the sky” It is the financial responsibility of the business to pay for each camera set up. Each camera system costd $975, but the good news is that low interest loans are available. If you are a business, within city limits, you can contact Carol DeStefano at the Economic Development Office in City Hall at 459-4967.

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