In-Home HIV Tests Now Available

Developed by a company not far from here in the Lehigh Valley, In-Home
HIV Tests are now available at retailers nationwide.The test is called
It’s the first time ever a test like it has been on store shelves and
its the same test health professionals use.
The test detects HIV antibodies in 20 to 40 minutes through oral samples
gathered through a mouth swab and its all done in the comfort of your
own home. The test can detect HIV beginning three months after contact.
OraQuick has proven more than 99 percent accurate.*
*Heights Terrace Owner and Pharmacist John Keegan will sell the test in
his Hazleton store.
He doesn’t have it yet, but soon. Keegan says you must be at least 17
years old to buy the test and will cost around 40 dollars.Keegan thinks
the accuracy of the test is great, but will remind buyers to follow up
with their doctor no matter what the results are.
Orasure, the company which created the test, will provide 24/7 support
by phone and online to answer questions about the test. Studies show
there are a quarter million people infected with HIV who don’t know it.

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