Howards Retail Theft

A well-known business owner is praising quick action by State Police and a trained staff. A Man tried to walk out of Howards Jewelers with a diamond ring that he did not purchase. Mark Frumkin the owner of Howards Jewelers tells us one of his employees was involved in what he describes as a “Grab and Go”. It happened around 8 o’clock Thursday Night. State Police confirm that 40-year-old Stephen Misto of Hazleton asked to see a diamond ring and when he gave it back to the employee, it wasn’t the same one, Misto switched the real diamond with a fake ring. He then took off to a getaway vehicle where surveillance video showed two other men waiting.The men waiting were 52-year-old John Demshick of Hazleton and 44-year-old Arland Mumaw of Drums. Quick action by the employee and State Police helped track down the criminals.The men were trying to sell the ring at Dalice Precious Metals in Hazleton. All three men are behind bars, and the ring will be returned to Howards.

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