Hotel Sterling Demolition Begins


Thursday, heavy smoke clouded Market Street in Wilkes-Barre as crews started working away at the crumbling Hotel Sterling building. Demolition of the the iconic Hotel Sterling started around 7 in the morning after construction crews got the go ahead. Hotel Sterling was built in the late 1890’s, during the golden age of Wilkes Barre. Over the years the building hosted extravagant parties and even had some presidential visitors. So, needless to say Hotel Sterling has seen better days. After 2 floods, and little repairs  the building has been sitting and rotting. Now, it’s irreparable. Cranes and other heavy equipment started knocking down the annex of the building as construction crews kept the area safe by hosing down dust and debris on Thursday. This construction project is set to finish in 2 months. Historical Features like the marble pillars earns sitting on top of the building and of course that iconic Hotel Sterling sign were removed before demolition started on Thursday.


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