High School Student Files Complaint After School Permits Boy to Use Girls’ Locker Room

From the Law Office of Andrew H. Shaw, P.C.

A Pennsylvania female high school student has filed a complaint with the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights over a violation of her privacy rights after encountering a boy in the girls’ locker room and subsequently being told by the school that if she does not want to change with a male, she can wait outside until he leaves.

The female student at Honesdale High School encountered a biological male in her girls’ locker room while she was partially undressed before gym class. The biological male was wearing revealing female underwear.

“When I knew a man was looking at me [in the girls’ locker room] I felt very violated and very scared, especially looking at me while I’m getting dressed,” commented the student that filed the complaint.

The school district permits this biological male to enter female privacy facilities based on his beliefs about his gender, but the school’s actions constitute a willful violation of the rights of other students.

A complaint has been filed due to the actions of school officials at Honesdale High School for violations of bodily privacy and sexual harassment.

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