HFA Welcomes New “Stars and Stripes”

Because September 11Th 2001 is such an important day in American
History, the youth of today, many who were not even born yet when
terrorists attacked the U.S., should be educated on what happened and why.
State Representative Tarah Toohil did just that Tuesday at Holy Family
Academy in Hazleton. She talked to the students about 9-11 and she also
brought along a brand new American Flag for the school.
Representative Toohil says her gift of stars of stripes was very much
appropriate on Patriot Day.*
*The 4Th graders enjoyed the lawmaker’s visit and asked many questions
not only about September 11Th, but also about the Government. The
students were also very happy to have a brand new American Flag which
will hang outside the school along Laurel Street. The school’s American
flag was torn and tattered which is why Toohil was asked to present a
new one to HFA.

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