Hazleton Man Tells Boston Victims’ to Keep Going

Lost Limbs

Nearly three years ago Hazleton resident, Richard Marion never thought he would be able to walk again. Richard’s life changed drastically 3 years ago after he lost both his legs from poor circulation due to diabetes. Richard uses his wheel chair to get around the house. Just months after the surgery, Richard was walking again  with the help of 2 prosthetic legs. Hazleton General Hospital Physical Therapist, Melinda Walck helps her patients take those steps towards recovery. She said people who lose limbs grieve the loss and it is possible to walk again after losing a leg. However,  it will take time. Richard knew he was going to lose his legs. The journey may be different for each of the reported 13 onlookers and competitors who lost limbs after the Boston Marathon Bombing. For those dealing with the same loss as Richard. He said, “Keep going”.






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